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2019 Annual Meeting was held April 1, 2019, at 6 pm at the West Ouachita Library. 

Many improvements have been made to the lake access lot.  It has been named the Frank Jenkins Park after the late Frank Jenkins, one of the subdividers of the subdivision.  Check the Park out as more plans are in place to upgrade and beautify the park.

Contact any Board member if you wish to make a contribution to the park.  Each homeowner who is current on their dues will have in appreciation an honorary, personalized paving brick in the park.

The year 2016 saw damage to Lower Eagle Lake spillway totaling $10,550. The State of Louisiana inspects our dams and mandates certain repairs each year. Over the past 12 years over $300,000 has had to be spent to keep our dams in repair.  A large part of the yearly dues are spent on our dams.

Dues are $96 for both lake lots and subdivision lots!  If you wish to fish in Wind Lake, a fee of $25 is required to obtain a key to launch your boat. Your dues must have paid to be able to get a key.  Phone 318-547-2434 and leave a message if you need a key.




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